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Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping Services

Enjoy your vacations to the fullest. With DDS Group you don̢۪t have to worry about the condition of your house. We are specialized in providing matchless Housekeeping Services to our clients, wherein we take care of all the aspects right from the cleaning of the house to the gardening. We make sure that your find your house in exactly same condition in which you left it. For this purpose, we have experienced professionals maintaining high standards.

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves an efficient and state of art service with a Team of dedicated and experienced professionals.
We provide the following range of the services on contractual basis.

  • Housekeeping Services.
  • Security Services /Pantry Services

Dare Devils Services (DDS) was established in the year 2008 DDS is registered company providing Housekeeping services in Delhi NCR DDS Provides qualitative economical and total housekeeping Services in view of the Need of fast changing eco-friendly Housekeeping method of modern era. DDS is well known by its valued customers for quality and economical skills. DDS well established with all necessary statutory requirements (firm Registration.P.F.ESI etc to meet all the requirements in the field. We sincerely hope that you shall give us an opportunity to serve your Prestigious Organization.

Proposal for Housekeeping
Housekeeping is not a broom Stick operation only. Housekeeping means the right thing in right manner in the right way.

Our Understanding of the Assignment
We will provide the comprehensive housekeeping services at your premises. The above contract includes all the rooms, Toilets, Window, Reception Area etc.

Scope of Work
The scope of the work would encompass cleaning of the premises so that the whole premises from thee entrances onwards is clean and is presentable at all the times.

Our company is giving mechanized cleaning with aright mix of traditional skills Contemporary gadgets to achieve optimum results.

The Housekeeping services will be of a comprehensive nature as under;

  1. Cleaning of whole premises including open area.
  2. Cleaning, wet moping, drying , dusting etc. of the furniture & fitting its.
  3. Cleaning of the window panels, door panels etc.
  4. Any other cleaning requirement that may arise.

Our Approach to the assignment
Our approach to the housekeeping assignment of this nature is to ensure both visual and hygienic cleaning of the premise at all the time. The cleaning work is carried out on a composite daily and weekly cleaning basis.

Daily Cleaning
The cleaning routine shall be as per the mutual convenient times so that the staff and others are not put to inconvenience. The general cleaning routine comprises cleaning the premises both in the morning and the evening. The work is divided between two cleaning routines so that the premises is ready for occupation at the commencement of the office hours.

Weekly Cleaning
As a complacency and composite service, the weekly cleaning is undertaken on holiday when the premises are closing during which the whole premises is toughly cleaned from ceiling to flow. During this time the premise is washed, Dried, dusted including all overhead fittings, windows door panels, partitions are given though cleaning.

Toilets & Wash Areas
We pay special attention to those areas they are prone to unhygienic conditions if not clamed properly. All the urinals stands , toils, bowls ,wash basin each are cleaned with disinfectants , dried and kept hygienic at all time . We have staff trained to cleaned windows from inside as well as outside. In supervisory professional way to protect our people; we take a separate insurance for the said workers. To further protect our client̢۪s interest we take third party insurance.

Term & conditions
Please note that our calculations are based on the latest minimum wages as stipulated by the ministry of Industry & Lab our as per state Government. If any revision of these wages scale occurs during the period of the contract by the Govt. our charges shall be revised accordingly.

Administrative & Operational Responsibility
We shall be liable for all the administrative and operational responsibilities on all the manpower employed on the premise by us. We are duly registered with and ESI authorities and are following all the rule and regulation framed from time to time.

In order to ensure proper discipline and maintain work efficiency at optimum level it is our policy to transfer the staff from assignment at random intervals. Hence t he same personnel will not be available at the premises at all the time. However, such transfer of staff will be so adjusted that there is no decline in the standards of work the person given in lieu are trained and hence no slippage of work is possible.

We use only the very good material for our services. The material used is slandered products designed for specific cleaning work.

We thank you for consideration for these assignments and assure you of our Co-operation all the times. In case you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us for personal discussion at your convenience. All the work would be carried out to your satisfaction.

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